Web maps exhibit

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  • Python, Mapbox, JavaScript


  • QGIS, Mapbox Geocoding API, Geoserver

Review of different web maps I've made

This is simply a display of a few web maps that I've created. The majority of them were developed using the Leaflet.js library for web mapping. Each project is modest in size and simplicity, as I didn't use any databases, but simple GeoJSON files. The base maps, consisting of raster tiles, are acquired from publicly available sources.

Leaflet-based web maps

  • Isochrones analytics map. I did this isochrone analysis using pgRouting and QGIS. I also wrangled demographics data and several sources of data from education services and bus routes, all to be displayed on this webmap.

  • Pools detection map using deep learning. This was made to showcase the result of a deep learning algorithm for pool detection using aerial photographs. It includes raster data hosted on a Geoserver instance, and a CSS-based sidebar to show/hide the layers controls'.

  • Simple parcel map with metadata in a box. Click on the parcel to update metadata.

  • Miami regulation map. It has a search bar to look up for addresses, pointing to Mapbox Geocoding API. However, it's not functional to avoid possible charges (It's not a free API!).

  • Los Angeles asthma danger map. Hexagonal grid with scores of asthma vulnerability.

  • Montevideo's median prices of built square meter. Data can be filtered by lower and higher values. The data was scrapped from a real state website.

  • Isochrones from center point. Isochrones were made using QGIS and QNEAT plugin.

Kepler.gl maps

Kepler is an application for geospatial analytic visualizations.


Mapbox GL is, as Leaflet, based on JavaScript.